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Ocean Blue Stone Box Chain Bracelet

Ocean Blue Stone Box Chain Bracelet

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Wrist Size

Don’t know your wrist size?
To determine the right bracelet size, just wrap a length of thread or string around your wrist and adjust its tension. Measure the length of the thread with a ruler, and you're done!
This is a really helpful tip for getting the bracelet size you want.

Adjustable 316L Stainless Steel Box chain bracelet with Blue Topaz rectangle Sterling Silver Bezel connector.

  • 3mm Chain Diameter
  • 316L Stainless Steel Box Chain
  • Blue Topaz Rectangle Sterling Silver Bezel Connector


Shipping & Processing


Orders take 1-3 business days to process and ship.

7-day return policy

Care Instructions

Avoid all jewelry cleaners, including abrasive chemicals. and sonic jewelry cleaners.

Healing Powers

Some of our stones have recognized healing properties, particularly beneficial for stress, depression, or anxiety. Listed below are a few examples of the types of precious stones we use:

  • Lava beads is known to be a calming stone. It is very useful in helping to dissipating anger.
  • Onyx beads is a powerful protection stone. It is known to help drive away stress, and grief.
  • Howlite beads is known to be a calming stone. It is a powerful calming stone to help get rid of stress and anxiety.
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Since 2014, we've provided a range of unique, custom bracelets for individuals. Find a style that suits your preferences, whether bold or subtle. Customer feedback inspires our designs. Crafted in the USA with precious metals and stones, our pieces elevate any outfit for work, a night out, or casual gatherings.