Precious Stones

Healing Stones & Craftsmanship

Who's Lookin' Design jewelry is handmade with high quality craftsmanship. Top grade materials and limited quantities ensure a unique and stylish piece you’ll be proud to wear. In addition, we use stones that are known to have healing properties, especially if you suffer from stress, depression or anxiety. Listed below are a few examples of the types of precious stones we use:

  • Lava beads are known as calming stones. They are known to promote harmony by dissipating anger.
  • Onyx beads are powerful protection stones, to help drive away stress and grief.
  • Howlite beads are another variety of calming stone, helping to diminish stress and anxiety.

Today we're featuring a Buddha Power Bracelet. This Bracelet is made with 10mm Matte Onyx beads and Tiger Eye beads. Both beads are known to help protect you from emotional and physical harm.

Buddha bracelet with onyx beads and tiger eye beads.

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